never stand still

I keep a “note” in the notes app of quotes I admire, tidbits I’d love to keep in the back of my mind. Though I don’t visit and re-visit that particular “note” as much as I’d hoped, before leaving for my internship a week ago, I came across these bite sized pieces of wisdom in an effort to clean up the clutter on my phone. In it, a heading reads “Never Stand Still documentary quotes.” I must have seen this video on a whim a few years ago… probably a Netflix special or something On Demand that caught my eye. Little did I know that a few days later, on my first day as an intern at Jacob’s Pillow Dance festival, I would again watch the film.

Never Stand Still  is filmed on the campus of The Pillow, and interviews world famous dancers and choreographers about the history of this place, as well as what dance means to them. Judith Jamison is quoted saying something that resonated with me several years ago, and again gave me chills as I watched the film in the dark, historic Doris Duke Theater on campus.

“You have to touch the human spirit. Don’t you? What’s the point otherwise?” 

Sitting with the 30 or so other interns, I realized something special was starting. We were chosen to be here – to learn, to experience, to work hard. It’s our responsibility to carry on the legacy of this place. Ted Shawn’s vision was to bring dance as an art form to any and everybody… to educate and to celebrate this thing that makes so many hearts excited and alive. To think that so many pivotal souls in the world of dance and the performing arts have been on these grounds is nothing short of absolutely, inexplicably incredible. I am reminded that this privilege is not one to be taken for granted. For three months, this historical and magical place is my home, too. Holy cow.

It’s barely been a week and we’ve already been introduced to our places of work, gotten to know one another deeply and honestly, and travelled to surrounding towns to advertise for the festival. Yesterday, we explored the Mass MoCA together, surrounding ourselves with a different form of art, yet an art appreciated and deeply sought over by my fellow multi-faceted and extremely intelligent peers. I am sensing that this experience will be a rich one. Very different from my LA adventures last summer, yet I am sure just as satisfying and thought-provoking.


As I’m sitting on the lofted bed in my cabin room, I also am realizing that this blogging journey is exactly one year old. On this day in 2015, I was a newly-arrived Burbank resident, eager to take on the summer in the city of angels and explore the west coast like a champ. Now, a year later, I’m a college grad, getting ready to take on a hardcore, dance infused summer. My, my does time fly.

Goals for the summer?

Never. Stand. Still. Be quick to take on new experiences. Say “yes” to everything. Explore not only everything The Pillow has to offer, but also the surrounding towns, the nearby hiking trails, the cities big and small and the communities of people that make them what they are.

Ideas and thoughts?

  • We are small. Though our worlds may seem like the most important, the truth of the matter is, our lives are mere specks on the timeline of this universe. If our specks do at least the slightest bit of good, we’ve succeeded.
  • At face value, what we see may be the strangest ever.  After deep inquiry, those strange things may turn out to be the most brilliant statements about subtleties surrounding the human experience (see: Free Roses exhibit by artist Alex da Corte)

That’s all for now. Happy one year blog-a-versary to all of those out there that have been reading from the beginning. Here’s to years of reflections and conversations to come.



2 thoughts on “never stand still

  1. Lexie-what great thoughts and so open to experience. You will maximize your time there. Congratulations on everything. Hope the sweatshirt surprised you. Message me on Facebook sometime!:)


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