the countdown

Just about a month left of life in college. Easter came and went and I feel like these last few days are actually going to pass by in a blink.

Rather than see each day as another day to check off the countdown, the challenge is to mentally note the pieces that are uniquely JMU. The professors and students exactly as they are right now, the smell of the production room (yes, even the rank of expired dinners in the corner fridge), the sweat-breaking slightly uphill walk to the top of the quad, Donna’s smiling face at the Chick-fil-a entrance of D-hall. Lingering smells of Greenberry’s coffee shop on my rosey pink jacket. Sensory experiences that won’t be as accessible in five years.

My company’s last performance together happened last weekend at the American College Dance Association conference. Held at West Virginia University, dancers from schools all around the Mid-Atlantic Region came together for classes, lectures, and performances. Adjudicators gave anonymous and unbiased feedback about each piece shown, ending the weekend choosing 12 lucky pieces for the Gala Performance. Our company was picked to perform one last time, jumping and sweating and moving until our legs couldn’t possibly move anymore.  We spent “International Day of Happiness” doing what makes us the most joyful – performing, moving, sharing.

Here’s to what’s to come. All the best to you.


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