An extra day to an already extraordinary year.

Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about the stars. The constellations to be more specific. For some reason, wherever I am, I see Orion. I’m glancing out of the car window and BAM… there’s that familiar belt of three evenly placed stars. Before unlocking the door to my house BAM… there he is again. Am I going crazy or is he actually everywhere?

Naturally, I had to look up Orion on Wikipedia to ease my mind. Not surprisingly, Orion is described as one of the most recognizable constellations worldwide. It also is most readily seen in the Northern Hemisphere during the month of January. Go figure. But something in me is comforted by that little piece of constant in the swirling world around me.

Lately, I’ve been feeling ready to move on. People say its “the best four years of your life, live it up while you have it!” To be completely honest, I am ready as ever to move on. Yeah, I’ll miss it when I’m gone. But right now, it feels like those pants you’ve grown out of that cut into your hips when you sit down. Or that realization that you’ve gotten so tall your feet hang off the end of your twin size bed.

On this day, the 29th day of February, 2016, I have already felt so blessed by promises for the future. This summer will bring yet another adventure in a new place… this time in the Berkshires of Western Massachusetts. I’m trading my beachy, West Coast Wannabe mentality in for a life in the mountains of New England. Boston, The Cape, Connecticut, Rhode Island. All of those places I’ve never been able to explore. Leaping into the unknown and feeling incredibly psyched to take on every new adventure.

Dance has been incredibly rewarding, taking us on excursions to Richmond and to Radford, and this weekend, flying us to the Caribbean for a cultural exchange. Recap of the trip to come…

So let’s leap together. Take a minute to embrace the extra 24 hours of 2016 we’ve been given. Stop to acknowledge all who have helped you, all who have relied on you, all who have given you opportunities, all who have supported you. Today, I sure am.


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