just. this.

It’s been about three weeks since I’ve last checked in, and here’s what’s been up…

The Big Apple (for the third time in less than two months)

That’s right, folks. New York can’t keep this girl away. This time it was Megabus up to Midtown and a three day dance intensive that made me feel completely and utterly…old. Unlike past intensives and conventions, I, for the first time, was among the oldest of the crew. I felt so confident and elated to be moving alongside strangers that shared my passion for the art form, that I barely stopped to reflect on what was actually happening. For the first time in a long time, I was 100% Lexie. No coverups, no alterations, and no trying to tone myself down to avoid any weird looks or disapproval. This discovery told me two things: 1) This scene, this world of dance is where this quirky, creative chick belongs, and 2) When you are just doing you, it attracts the right people. Needless to say I went into this intensive without any expectations of meeting people or making friends, and I came out of it with new and surprisingly genuine and deep connections, despite the short amount of face time we had.


Meditation Discoveries (and failures)

So, I’ve been using this new meditation app on my iPhone (that is kick ass, by the by). No longer can I say I don’t have time for quiet time with myself, or with God. This app makes it painfully easy to spend 1 to 10 minutes in touch with my breath, my thoughts. Walking in NYC, it was wonderful to find moments to use the “travel” section of meditations. The sweet, buddha-like woman’s voice coached me to find calm among the many distractions and focus only on the breath. Just the breath.

Inhale: Just.

Exhale: This.

Not all of my experiences have been all zen and perfect… there was that time before class started that I thought the meditation was over, took out my headphones, and cringed with embarrassment when the guides voice echoed “BRING THE ATTENTION BACK TO THE BREATH…” from my phone speakers in the crowd of 50+ KIN 100 students. Yeah, that happened… and yeah, I’m taking the GenEd gym course my last semester of college.

The Start of my Last Semester of College

Classes filled with primarily seniors, professors that I am familiar with. Everything about my schedule this semester screams comfort with a side order of challenge. The nerd Lexie in me is PUMPED to dip my toes in my 400 level advertising and crisis communication projects, and gain a better understanding of my body in the gym course. Dance is always my constant, and this semester is filled with travel and adventures surrounding my choreography and the dance company. Bring. It. On.

Stopping on the way to my car after a long day of class, and seeing this.

Free Time (say what???)

Actual opportunities to sit on the couch and veg out. Spend time like a normal college student without 1,000 obligations (more like a solid 750). I went to Buffalo Wild Wings and had a beer while watching a football game. I read. I spend time with people I haven’t seen face to face for what seems like years. Gym time, and cooking actual meals that don’t involve frozen trays and a microwave. I even hopped on the trendy bandwagon and bought a coloring book. These precious moments of nothing are SO crucial.

And to come…Snowpocalypse (aka “Winter Storm Jonas” hits the Mid-Atlantic Coast)

Weather man is calling for some severe snow to hit campus starting tomorrow morning, and I can’t say I’m upset about it. Although a weekend storm means our school schedule has a potential to not be severely effected (aw, shucks), this still means forced time to snuggle in with hot cocoa and a book. Heaven, if you ask me.

So, there you have it. The tail end of senior year is proving to be significant in its little moments of sweet pleasures. One of my dance professors introduced this mediation prayer to us, meant to be repeated in a chant-like way. Though at face value, it’s cheesy and simple, with repetition, it begins to seep into your pores and change your attitude. I will leave you with those words this morning… all the best to you, wherever you are.

“I will walk in beauty. Beauty is above me. Beauty is below me. Behind me and before me. Beauty, beauty, beauty.”  – The Navajo Way Prayer and Blessing


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