16 wishes for 2016

The year 2016 will be the year I graduate from college, (hopefully) move to a new city, travel, and find a new place to grow my roots. Sometimes, I make a resolutions list and confine it to the pages of a notebook that lays hidden in some random drawer of a secretive place that even I can’t uncover months later. In an effort to make CERTAIN I will stay on track, this year, I am sharing my list with you and with the world of the interweb. Maybe with your help, I can be held accountable.

16 wishes for 2016

  1. Listen. This resolution is brought to you by my new pal Liz Gilbert and her memoir Eat Pray Love (review to come in 2016, stay tuned). No need to try and interrupt or try to make my point more important. Listen, and truly listen to the words and thoughts of those people around you.
  2. Save. Perhaps the biggest challenge for me. Do I need this money now for a cup of coffee on a Tuesday morning? Or could this $3 be used to save up for first month’s rent in a new city? I think we both know the right answer.
  3. Write more. That’s right, folks! You’ll be seeing a lot more of me this year. I’m hoping that with my relatively lax spring semester schedule, I will be able to designate a few days to be blog days. More on that to come.
  4. Read (novels, newspapers, magazines, biographies) more. No more reading only for class. Those novels that have been sitting dusty on your shelf? Lex, you now have permission to take ten minutes before bed to start to trudge through them. This means plugging the phone in away from the nightstand.
  5. Say “no” to people and things that aren’t freaking awesome. Writing out this resolution, I realize, is 100 times easier than actually following through. I am challenging myself to start to detoxify my life, and my relationships. No greater time than the present. My last semester of college should be filled with joy and positive memories. I think I know deep in my heart who I need to be spending time with in order to make this happen. It’s a matter of making that change, making that choice.
  6. Stay true to your dreams. My mom gave me a ring when I graduated high school that has this inscribed across it. Though I feel I have kept this idea in mind for the past 4 years, in 2016, this had better be the center of my attention… because money is never > anything else.
  7. Keep connections. Check in with old friends, old employers, make coffee dates, write cards.
  8. Take leaps. Both in personal life and in career life, make big, scary strides. What do you have to lose? You’re a young dancing gal with a newly earned undergraduate degree under your belt.
  9. Spend more time alone. I just downloaded this “buddhify” app on my phone that has been helping me find a couple minutes a day in mindful meditation (or at least an attempt at it). Alone time will gift me with structured mediation practice time.
  10. Airplane mode it. In other words, unplug. Find hours (and maybe eventually days) to do so. What is the absolute worst that could happen if you’re not a phone call or text away?
  11. Stay healthy. Fill your body with energy and good nutrients, continue to find joy in dance classes and gym work outs.
  12. Write more letters. Not only is this personally very fulfilling, but also meaningful on the receiver’s end. Handwritten is so much more meaningful than email.
  13. Go to church. Try for every Sunday, but don’t beat yourself up if that doesn’t happen. There was a nice looking cathedral in New York off the 23rd street station. Make it a mission to go there at least once.
  14. Cross off some bucket list items. Back in the dang day… probably around 8th or 9th grade (age 13)… I started a bucket list. This ongoing guide to life’s adventures was inspired by MTV’s The Buried Life (which I’ve definitely talked about in this blog before). There are a TON of items on there. Make it a goal to try at least one a month.
  15. Find ways to travel. Money is only an object. How can exploration be found both near and far?
  16. CHILL. It’s ok to do absolutely nothing. Enjoy each moment while you have it. Release your tight grip on the reigns. Control won’t help in every situation. Live it up while you got it, Lex.

What are your 2016 promises to yourself? I hope you’ll stick with me through this year as we explore it together…


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