what a year

Just like that, the year 2015 has flown by in the blink of an eye. My mom always says the older you get, the faster the days seem to fly, the more fleeting the months, the quicker the years.

I think the most significant part of this year was in that LA adventure. The oh-so-grown-up and enlightening time of this year. That journey made the course of my life (or at least my decisions in the next few months) change, make sense. There is forever a place in my heart and my mind for that time in life. Twenty fifteen’s greatest gift was that experience, bar none.

Looking back, I’m not going to lie, it’s difficult for me to pick out specific times to highlight. Though my year was full of beautiful people and moments and times, there were, of course, those times that I would prefer not to engrave into my long-term memory. Times that certainly taught me a ton but their difficulty couldn’t (and shouldn’t) be articulated. But that’s life, isn’t it? That’s the part of getting older that seems inevitable.

During the Christmas Eve service at my church, as I sat surrounded by friends who may as well be family, the warmth of this unusually hot December, and the rich colors of the season, I was reminded by Father Earl of a beautiful fact. It’s cheesy, it’s been said more times than I can count, but it’s undeniably true. Though we may be coming to celebrate the birth of our Lord with pain, with darkness, with uneasy hearts and minds, there will always be an ember of light within us. That light, no matter how small, will always, always be enough to overcome the darkness.

A small reminder of a simple truth: we are all broken. But our cracks are what bring light.

On my New Year’s resolution list is to write MORE. Thankfully, the spring semester has granted me the gift of time. Freedom to set aside precious moments for my keyboard and a cup ‘o joe.

Here’s to a wonderful year of living. Here’s to joy and light, and here’s to the darker, less explicable times. Here’s to a blessed and beautiful 2016 for all of you out there, where ever you may be.



One thought on “what a year

  1. Your mother is so right. Time flies faster and faster when we are getting older. I feel it too. I was interested in that question and tried to find all the scientific and psychological explanations of this phenomena. It turned out very simple. As a kid you constantly learn something new and every day is very different. Then we become adult and day look pretty much the same. My resolution is to keep learning something new every single day and celebrate every day as if it’s a small miracle 🙂


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