it’s about life

Currently sitting in a little office in Brooklyn, feeling extremely grown up.

Since I last spoke with you, many lasts, and many firsts have occurred. Here are a few highlights:

My Last Fall Student Dance Concert

This was one heck of a week at school and at dance. Every semester, my dance program allows an entirely student-run concert to occur. Students spend the entire semester choreographing (this semester, almost 30 pieces were made), and in November, a student panel views and scores the works. The 10-12 pieces with the highest average point value are invited to be shown in the four-night concert in the dance theater space. Then, the real magic happens. A student lighting designer puts together a world for your piece. Costumes are thrown together, and the pieces come to life a bit more when the student directors create the show order. Also featured is the Associate Dance Ensemble, otherwise known as the freshmen class. My pal Kell and I are lucky enough to be student directors of the company, choreographing and teaching the freshman weekly on Tuesday nights. Looking back on the semester (cause let’s face it, we really only have two weeks of class left…), I think this has been the most exciting, challenging, and rewarding experience.

Not to toot our own horn, but my senior class absolutely annihilated the concert (TOOT TOOT). I was thrilled, moved, joyous, thoughtful. My fellow dancers have pushed me to think in ways that I haven’t before. They are challenging me day by day to think of this art form in complex ways. One of the junior dance majors created this marvel of a work to a Fleet Foxes jam to conclude the show… let’s just say that that there wasn’t a dry eye in my eye socket from Wednesday’s dress rehearsal to the close of the show. Breath-taking joy radiated through every fiber of my being. Thank you for that, Rebs.

My First run of the Company Concert

Our nine-dancer undergrad company premieres our concert in LESS THAN TWO WEEKS (so nuts). We ran through the entire show, and felt what physical rigor and stamina we are going to need to extract from our back pockets somehow. This year has been one of the most demanding on my body in dance. Our director concluded the run of our last piece with a positive pep talk – very rare from him. “Consumption” looks at those aspects of life that inundate our being. They take over our thoughts and our desires, leaving us constantly hungry for more, constantly weighed down by the never ending accumulation of more. The end takes a turn toward the future. The afterlife. What’s beyond this place we are now. Shane concluded his pep talk with words that made my arm hairs stand straight up. “It’s not about death… it’s about life.

My Last college leaving-for-Thanksgiving goodbye

Odd to think about, but true. Never again will I pack my backpack with finals studying materials. This is it. My last collegiate Thanksgiving break.

My First visit to my Brooklyn pals’ newest apartment

We counted, and I think that this may be my fifth or sixth time visiting the K’s here in Brooklyn in the past year and a half or so. I come often, not only because I love these two, but also because this place always feels like home. I need to move here, at least for a year. After seeing the progression of these two ladies that I love so much, and seeing how long it’s taken them to get settled, the doubts and the “oh-my-god can I actually do this?” questions are starting to creep into my otherwise motivated and driven mind.

Thankfully, my First visit to the Whitney Museum in Chelsea helped to clear some of this brain clutter. Fairly new, the building smelled of fresh paint and cleaning products. It was a modern haven, filled with people of all kinds. Mostly, the experience brought me back to my creative center, inspiring me with new ideas and topics I want to discover in my day-to-day, and my art. I am fortunate to have friends who appreciate these quiet, inquisitive times as much as I do. Frank Stella, Motley, and even more familiar names like O’Keefe and Calder gave me a sense of motivation once more. The place may be expensive in both time and money, but the view on the water and the collections of the archive are worth every single cent. I love that area in the Meatpacking District.


Today, Kels and I headed to The Mark Morris Center in Brooklyn where we reconnected with Dante from my summer experience in DC. We both walked away feeling empowered. Something about that movement, that two hours of being completely immersed in class helps to clear the mind. I was thrilled and relieved to dance with K again. She has been such an inspiration for my dancing and choreography ever since I met her my freshman year (yep, I’m talking about you, Ms. K Kram).


Something in me feels different this time. I think the idea of moving here is looming in my thought process. It’s like every time I step onto the train to head into Manhattan I’m thinking about where I may end up in a year, how I’ll afford it. Who will my friends be? How can I better prepare for a life here?

I have no idea how I’m going to manage it, but I do know some things for sure:

  • I am so blessed to know the K’s. They give me a little taste of city life every time I visit, and for that I am forever indebted to them. I hope to one day share something similar with someone else eager to be here.
  • Every time I dance, dance feels like the right choice.
  • New York is calling my name. I can’t wait for my next steps.

For now, one day at a time. I hope you are well today and everyday. Thinking of you.


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