Our Student Center on campus is a 10 or so minute walk from where I park every morning. Only a year old, it houses my favorite study spots, the counseling center, and Dunkin Donuts… to all of which I am a frequent visitor. On the way, I see these big green machine boxes that most likely house a ton of important wires and pipes and vents (but who really knows what’s in those anyway?). On the outside, someone tagged the phrase “share this moment.”

Share this moment.

Dance continues to be the first and foremost part of my life here, constantly pushing my mind and body in directions I never thought they could go. My company director urged me to use this year as the year to get in the best shape of my life. Stretch beyond, push further. Create work for myself and become the artist I’ve always wanted to be.

There’s something about the daily routine that becomes mundane, familiar even. I want – nay – NEED to get out of this mentality. Spend time outside. Take chunks of time to not be checking items off the to-do list. Carve time from the day to flesh out a to-do list then not stress about crossing 27 list items off in one singular afternoon.

This week, the name of the game is chance. Taking a chance and following a feeling, a need. If a dinner date with a friend comes up last minute, I am usually quick to decide that I should probably be crossing off #14 from my list of 27 to-do’s. This week, I’ve been challenging that habit. Falling out of what’s familiar and creating a new rule for myself: do it, and do it now. I want to run to cookout for an oreo milkshake with the dance girls? I can spare 30 minutes. Someone asks to grab a coffee? I definitely have an hour to sit down and have a conversation. Time is precious, but it’s also more malleable than I have always thought.

So I’m choosing to follow my instinct. To spend time with my peers. To share my moments and to give each interaction its rightful amount of attention.

Thank you for sharing these moments with me today and everyday. Thinking of you.


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