it’s over?

It’s been two days since touchdown in DC. Goodbye summer, hello senior year.

You know when so much has happened that you find it hard to remember what actually happened? Yeah. That’s what’s happening. It’s like LA went by so fast I am having trouble remembering the details. All I know is that this has been the summer of a lifetime, and I’m not gonna forget that feeling anytime soon.

San Diego recap, go.

  • An introduction to competitive pool and the thrill of the grungy pool bar scene. My aunt and uncle are seriously talented and seriously engrossed in the world of 8 ball. I loved watching and learning.
  • The San Diego Zoo with hundreds of the world’s cutest children. I think it’s been about 10 years since I’ve been to the zoo. There I go, feeling like a kid again.


  • Balboa Park, discovering the Japanese gardens, the Old Globe Theater replica, and 30’s architecture that literally took my breath away.I thought of the dancer from my internship that’s retiring to pursue architecture. I thought of creating a site specific dance work in the arched breezeways that lasted for a mile. Dance crossed my mind at least seventeen times that day.

IMG_7246 IMG_7245

  • A guided driving tour of the San Diego Naval bases by my retired Commander Uncle. Each time we entered a base, he got saluted. We saw Coronado Island. I thought about that time when my dad took me flying in a tiny jet and told me about my grandfather. I thought about the air force. I thought about my granddad and his job in the second world war doing photo reconnaissance before and after bombings.


  • Talking with Dad about his time as a photographer for the University of Maryland Diamondback in the late 70’s, early 80’s. Photography runs in the family I guess. Creativity, design. All of his friends went on to photograph, produce, edit. Dad kept it as a hobby. If you know him at all, that’ll explain his iPhone picture obsession.
  • The historic Hotel Del Coronado and checking out the filming location of Some Like It Hot starring the beautiful Marilyn.

IMG_7269 IMG_7271

  • San Diego Tribune sodoku puzzles with my Uncle that ever-so-gracefully reminding me that my brain wasn’t built as well for numbers and puzzles. Unfortunately. It’s easy to get discouraged when you’re playing against an engineer mind.
  • Starting Mad Men on Netflix and becoming engrossed the world of the 1960’s Manhattan. The Ad Agencies, the chain smoking, the thrill of business on Madison Avenue back in those days. Already halfway through season 2 and lovin’ it.
  • Being at my cousin’s restaurant on the last night she ever had to bartend. Hearing about the Naval Academy. Did you know that during plebe year, students have to take social etiquette classes? Uncle G was telling me about dances where they’d have to practice their social skills on blind dates essentially. They had to learn how to dance. How to hold a good conversation with someone they’ve never met. That should happen everywhere, if you’re askin’ me.

Today I’m missing the surf, I’m missing the city, I’m missing my summer home. It was time though. Now Dave is on in the coffee shop, and change is on the horizon.

I hope you’re well today, wherever you are. I hope you’ve got some afternoon coffee or tea. I hope you’re content. But most of all, I hope you’re out there experiencing.

On to the next adventure.



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