the simple life

It’s been a WEEK since LA adventures have concluded, but nothing can keep this chick away from the keyboard. If you’re still out there reading post-program life, here we are, exploring, discovering, enjoying life in Cali, vacation style. I hope you’ll stick with me, and stay reading, commenting, answering, loving, and questioning along with me.

Mom and Dad arrived Friday and we hit the ground running, visiting favorite city spots and eating some fantastic city of angels style food. Lemonade, Another Broken Egg, and Grand Central Market were among the parent fav’s. I won’t bore you with a re-cap of what’s already been blogged on and gushed about, but we had a blast discovering Burbank, Downtown, Santa Monica, Malibu, and Venice Beach/Abbott Kinney. Photo collage…go.

Witnessing the art that is skating at Venice Beach
The 30 person line out the door was telling of the quality of this place. Malibu Seafood was quite possibly the freshest ever.
…and the view didn’t disappoint.
Tour through DTLA and admiring the street art all around.
A visit to the most serene point in the city – the garden behind the Walt Disney Concert Hall.

Today, we arrived in San Diego after three utterly blissful sunrises in the magical world that is Huntington Beach. One day after the U.S. Surf Open wrapped up, we arrived on the scene with two things in mind: beach chillin’, and surf lessons. In the heart of Surf City itself, there was no way I was leaving without crossing “learn to surf” off my bucket list. Bright-eyed, bushy tailed, and nervous as hell, we waltzed down to the little shack below the pier and suited up. Our South African teacher immediately gave my dad and I a sense of calm, and we headed into the waves after a brief lesson on “popping up.” Apparently, I’m regular-footed. When Rudy saw the surf while we paraded to the shoreline, he reassured us that today’s waves were gonna be “real mellow.” Immediately feeling jealous of this 20-something’s approach to a simple life, I pondered the idea of moving to the beach for a while before attempting to kick-start a career. Why not? I don’t have any ties. I don’t have any reason not to slow down before moving full-speed-ahead in a city. Though I never truly achieved a full stand on the rather large trainer board, I walked away with dad feeling accomplished, fearless, badass, queen of the waves. I’m sounding cheesy again but I’m telling you… surfing gives you some kind of crazy adrenaline rush that no amount of dance or performance time that I’ve had can compare to.

Our time at Huntington Beach can also be classified by: complimentary wine hour at the ShoreBreak, Timmy our amazing concierge, street festivals, beach labyrinths, sunsets from the pier. The best moment was convincing a hotel worker  I was staying for vacation for a couple days after competing in the U.S. open. Does this mean I could pass as a native surfer girl?




Have you ever felt like being back with your family makes you go back in time? It’s almost as if my mindset is reverting back to my little girl ways. It’s interesting how familiar people trigger subconscious, and habitual ways of being.

Until heading East, San Diego will be our home for the next few days. Visiting and re-visiting family, getting to know my mom’s side through an older, adult lens.

This Wannabe West Coast Aficionado is missing the big city already.


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