plans, or lack thereof

Do we always need to plan out every little thing?

This trip has been a constant push and pull for me between planning every detail to letting spontaneity take over. Yes, I planned on writing a blog every day this week, yes I planned a trip to the LACMA that got interrupted by fate and a good-looking bakery. Sometimes those plans just don’t cut it though.

A couple came in to speak about planning. How importanthaving multiple backup plans is in the entertainment business. In this city where everyone is fighting for the same jobs, you are expendable. Without a plan B, C, D, or E for that matter, you may be at risk of losing your shot at the big time.

Yes, plans are important, having backup plans is important, but there’s something about letting fate and faith in a higher power take the wheel that I think is more invigorating.

I have had the immense pleasure of being able to interview dancers from the company this week, and get to know them and their stories. My last question for them has to do with the future, and how being a part of this organization will help them on their road to the future. The two dancers I interviewed yesterday were stumped. Both of them emphasized how being a dancer means being flexible – you can plan to a certain extent, but really, it’s all about timing. Who you know, who’s in the room, what they need, what they’re looking for. Being a part of this company is another step in the journey, but they are open to wherever building this dance network can lead. You can plan to be a dancer, but that’s almost as far as you can go. Stars will align when and how they are supposed to.

Interestingly enough, the proposition of writing or being a writer keeps presenting itself to me. Netflix provided me with yet another gem – a documentary about New York in the 50’s. Apparently young people living in Greenwich village during that time were all intellectuals, aspiring artists, writers and beat poets. Young people pushing the envelope and having deep conversations about literature and their favorite writers. Some of the individuals being interviewed in the documentary reflected on this time as a fruitful oasis of ideas, gushing that they felt on top of the world and free to be unique.

“Sometimes I feel like I was born in the wrong era.” Yeah, yeah, yeah everyone’s heard that before. But really, after watching this documentary, I wish I could at least experience a different era. Especially the 50’s in New York City.

I want to dance, I want to write, I want to explore. I want to do a lot of things.

Maybe I don’t have to plan on any of it. It’s like what I heard earlier this summer – you can’t think about writing, you can’t talk about writing, you just have to write. No planning, no over-pre-meditating. Maybe I have to do it. Maybe I have to do what I love no matter what.


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