it’s all happening

“The only true currency in this bankrupt world is what you share with someone else when you’re uncool.”

I don’t know how in the world I’ve gone this long without seeing Almost Famous. As a gal who’s into writing and writing about things that matter, let me just say this movie was well-written, well-filmed, and matters. So much more than I can say. Coming-of-age stories are the ones that touch my heart the most. Growing up, getting older, experiencing, loving, proving yourself. All I gotta say is, it’s happening. “It’s all happening.”

Instead of spilling the juicy stories of the past four days chronologically, I think this time I’ll work backwards.


The Getty was a complex that took over ten years to build, and for good reason. Stunning architecture surrounded breathtaking art exhibits. If we’re being real here (which we always should be), I was more captivated by the views of the Pacific Ocean that today’s incredibly clear skies allowed us to see. No smog, no clouds, just a clear shot of sailboats and waves – not to mention the sky scrapers of numerous Los Angeles neighborhoods as far as the eye could see. Garden, sculptures, making a wish in the giant labyrinth fountain pond (because yes, that’s a thing). I saw a common trend of repetition, and going back to the same place to create multiple studies using different seasons or lighting. A lot of the impressionist art I was drawn to seemed to be just one example of a multiple-year study of a place or thing. Case-in-point: Monet and his haystacks. I love the haystacks no matter what time of day he paints them in. Art geeks unite.

IMG_6873_2IMG_6868_2IMG_6863_2IMG_6832_2 IMG_6845 IMG_6835


Manhattan Beach and a surprise volleyball tourney. Finally the water is nice to swim in despite rough currents. Truth be told, every beach is starting to run together, but this place did rock a little differently than every place else. I think what really got me was that the entire town was on the side of a hill sloping down toward the water. In other words, no matter where you were standing, so long as you faced west you could at least see a sliver of the beautiful water. Rather than shops or bars be the focal point of the place, the real star was what it should be… THE BEACH. Gyros at a Greek place. Thankfully we had the recommendation and blessing of an older man sitting outside. He talked about his study of history at the University of Athens in Greece. Apparently this place is the most authentic outside of the country itself. It was worth it. Coconut ice cream and new Lucky Brand Jeans.



Upstairs at the Ace Hotel was just what it sounded like…the upstairs of the Ace Hotel. Rooftop with killer views of downtown, hipster vibes and good music. I went here for coffee with my boss on day one. Definitely a different vibe at night but I loved it.



The Classic on Main Street was clean and fresh. The three girls in the office decided to make a Friday of Friday and work from a coffee shop for half of the day. SCORE, another cozy coffee experience! Hanging plants, modern art, white walls. Cold brew and a blueberry donut (really taking advantage of California food treasures). After that day and my Thursday evening experience, my job feels real. Actually playing an adult and working almost a full time job right now. I love it but it still come back to my core question: do I want to sit for 8 hours or do I want to dance? I know I know… I don’t have to know. But it still makes a girl wonder. What was my Thursday night experience you might ask?


ULI is the Gelato place dangerously close to the front door of my Internship. Rather than grab a quick bite, ULI turned into a Specaloos cookie gelato cone that lasted close to three hours. Something about gelato, man, it just brings people together (that, and coffee of course). From my boss, I heard solid advice, working skills, and so much more wisdom than I could ever explain in a blog post without boring the heck out of you guys. Have I mentioned how fortunate I am to be working where I work? This conversation sealed that deal for me. Feeling old, feeling network-y, but mostly feeling like myself. Feeling confident in the fact that every day is another day closer to the rest of my life (sorry for being a cheese ball).

Roman Holiday aka the timeless love story starring none other than the late, great, Audrey Hepburn. For all young folks not privy to the black and white movie…get hip to it. Seriously, the story starts to come to life and I swear I was seeing some scenes in color. I think once you are immersed, the conversations and relationships between the characters fill in all of those color blanks for you. Another classic I can’t believe it’s taken me this long to finally see. Thank you, Netflix, for gracing the world with TV and movies on demand.

This weekend I learned about being persistent. About the brilliant ride that can come out of pursuing your passions. I also learned how important being unapologetically ME is, always, whenever, wherever. Without that basis, without that confidence, all you’ll ever be is almost famous, ya feel me?

Ok, now I’m really getting cheesy. But this movie put me in a mood. Go on Netflix as soon as you finish reading this, and watch Kate Hudson, Zooey Deschanel and Jimmy Fallon kill it as young stars. You absolutely will not regret it.

— “I have to go home!”

— “You are home.”



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