(gimme gimme)

If you’ve never heard Weezer’s single “Beverly Hills,” then the title of this blog means absolutely nothing to you. Therefore I will link the YouTube music video below for your listening pleasure.

As we drove along Muholland Drive Tuesday morning and wound through the wide streets of Beverly Hills, passed the world famous hotel of the same name, and marveled at the millions upon millions of dollar homes, all I could think of was my crazy kooky family belting the crap out of this song throughout the hallways of my Maryland home. Let’s just say it’s a fam favorite. The area was everything I thought it would be yet nothing like I expected. Immediately the streets got wider, the cars got shinier, and the amount of meticulously placed palm trees increased exponentially. My choice to wear a rather bohemian tie dye dress and sandals made me feel like a low class beach girl who lost her way back to the coast and stumbled upon the town. Seriously though. It was 80 degrees and men were in thousand dollar three piece suits. My hunch is that they spend all of their time in either a heavily air conditioned car or heavily air conditioned work building, so the expensive outfit choices are suitable. Walking up Rodeo drive and actually seeing real life people coming out of Louis Vuitton with an arm full of giant shopping bags…that was unreal.




The real reason we were in the 90210 was for a lecture from the owner and founder of Gidden Media production company, Amy Baer. Basically she is another woman-in-charge like Barbara Hall. Responsible for the development of “Jumanji,” as well as story reading for eventual major blockbusters such as “The Holiday,” “The Pursuit of Happiness,” “Moneyball,” and “Something’s Gotta Give.” She spoke about how her path to the job of her dreams took several years of trial and error. Her biggest piece of advice? Listen to your gut. She admitted that every time something went wrong in her career, immediately, she could attribute her demise to a time when she made a decision based on expectation at the expense of what her heart told her to do. Amy works on projects that she is passionate about, that she connects with, and that she feels a spark for. Now is the best time to be in the entertainment industry in LA, she said, as there is so much more opportunity across platforms, and a high demand for good, solid marketing.

I am again inspired by women in the business. She was an English major at Georgetown, which showed in her ability to speak in a concise and intelligent manner. Every sentence that came out of her mouth was beautifully crafted and nothing short of exactly the thing that needed to be said (now looking back at what I’ve just written, my own communication skills definitely could use some shaping up). I once was a part of a summer dance intensive with a man named Christopher K. Morgan. He is another individual that I admire for his acute ability to speak clearly and efficiently. He thinks with care about the words he uses, and is never quick to speak but always quick to listen. I forever honor that about him. That skill is something useful across any profession, but especially in a dance classroom or rehearsal setting.

more coffee, continued…

URRTH CAFE! Ok so I cheated and didn’t actually get a coffee (the 80 degree weather really made me question the searing hot drink), but the Panera-esque atmosphere was amazing. I got a tomato basil quiche (also hot, but an enjoyable and satisfying lukewarm, if you will) with an endless amount of water.


dancing, continued…

So this time, it wasn’t me dancing. I have a few pals that are a part of the breakdance club back at school. From them, I learned about the Choreographer’s Carnival. Literally had no idea what the heck this thing was, but, according to my coffee-grinding friends, all of the best dancers in LA perform in it. I was so down. We show up gracefully not dressed for the occasion (typical West Coast Wannabe Aficionados, am I right?). It was in a club in Hollywood called The Avalon. I was unaware that this meant that a) the show wouldn’t start at the listed 10pm, but more like 11ish or b) all of the girls would be in super-stylish heels and skirts and dresses and edgy jewelry and look like something out of the LA Fashionista Girls Magazine (if that ever becomes a thing, you heard it here first, folks). So here we are in flipflops and t-shirts enjoying the hell out of a concert of the most talented commercial dancers in the business. Missy Elliot was in the house. A ton of SYTYCD hiphop stars were in the VIP section. It was the real deal, and I was so happy I got to see it. Hip Hop dancers are so fierce – especially the girls. My movement style is classical and fluid, and to see the sharpness and clean lines that those dancers could make in such little time…it was musical and thrilling and genius. Sure, there weren’t deeply-rooted concepts or content or emotional appeal, but sometimes I think formal concert dance trains me to read too much into what I see onstage. Taking movement seriously on that cerebral level is what attracts me to the art form most, but there is something incredibly satisfying about musicality and all of the multi-faceted works I saw onstage that night. It was a marvel that I was thankful to bear witness to. I even ran into a dancer from my work!!! He used to be in the competition circuit, and knew a great deal of the dancers performing. The dance world is painfully (yet fortunately) small.

Last night after work, my apartment went to see Inside Out, and I was blown away. I could write an entire post based solely on my thoughts, but in essence, I think Pixar is brilliant. I think the approach to the family movie that this film took was intelligent, and I feel so excited to know I live in a time that fosters creative minds. Wow. You need to go see it.

Today, my thoughts have been on my childhood. Reflecting on the themes of Inside Out, and what it means to make a major step forward in life. Growing up. It’s what I’ve been feeling all summer. Another transition into unknown…uncharted territory. This time, that transition is into true adulthood. One more year of structure in college before all hell breaks lose. It’s exciting and crazy and freeing and freaky all at the same time. Blah blah blah I’m sure you’ve heard people talk about the growing up out of college transtition a million times, but being so close to it means the reality of it is settling in for me. I’m sitting at a DESK at WORK right now in HEELS being an “ADULT.” I still need to pinch myself every once in a while. I guess this is growing up.


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