monday blues

Opening thoughts from Lex…

Not everyone is here to look out for you. Not everyone has your best interest in mind. This weekend I thought a lot about being my own best friend, depending on myself, and knowing how to do the right thing for me. Not in a selfish way, but in a self-love way. YOU deserve all the attention in the world. Never sacrifice that for the sake of others.

Father’s Day, Summer Solstice, and other fun things happened this weekend. Recap, here we go.

Huntington Beach aka Surf City:

  • Chilli Cookoff – we chose to go to Huntington Beach for the day. Little did we know it was also the 8th annual CHILLI COOKOFF. Free samples, vendors everywhere, and no parking within a 20 minute radius of the beachfront. Worth the walk and worth the free street parking in an inland neighborhood. I tried sunflower seed dip which was the gluten free, super stripped version of hummus. Interesting.


  • $16 and under store – Where I could have spent hours deciding over clothes I don’t really need. Clever marketing idea with the name… it really made me want to spend more than I had. Settled for a few nice things and called it a day. Extremely tempting in there though.
  • Wahoo’s Fish Tacos – my first Cali taco with dark meat! Steak in a corn tortilla with a citrus slaw and lime. The inside of the place was so incredibly surf and beach and everything you could ever want in a taco shack. Surfboards on the walls, stickers everywhere, and a sort of homey feeling that I’ve been missing in the heart of LA city. I decided that if I ever move out here, I’m moving to the beach.


  • The Pier – Crazy how if you walk to the end you can be so far out into the ocean. Seeing the beach crowd from the sea is somewhat of a surreal experience. The amount of fishermen that lined the edges of the walkway was almost breathtakingly calm. I thought of my dad, and my grandfathers that I never got the chance to know. I thought how they would love to sit there together in the sun and the breeze waiting for fish to bite.
  • New and killer Vans –  I have been wanting a new pair for ages and seeing the amount of natives clad in the timeless sneakers made me run, not walk, into the nearest beachside Vans store. After realizing the part of the store I was in was most likely the men’s section, I wasn’t phased. I was on a mission. My shoes immediately caught my attention. After reading the tag that said they were one of a kind, and a result of a collaboration with a San Fran muralist, I was sold. The guy who rung me out was the most typical gnarly bro surfer, and reassured me that the shoes I chose were “sooooo sick, dude!” Let’s just say if I could wear my new crazy patterned Vans to work today I would.
  • First In-N-Out experience – After the tacos, my body was hating me, but my brain said what the hey. You’re on vacation. Just do it. Cheeseburger and Milkshake it is. Later that evening brought a trip to some fantastic LA speakeasy’s: No Vacancy and Dirty Laundry. Quite the experience.


Runyon Canyon:

Franklin and Fuller – This place is no secret judging by the masses walking to and from it. The hike took less than two hours to walk the entire length. I was shocked at the amount of people running, dog walking, stroller pushing, and even yoga-doing during the hottest hours of Sunday (darn all of you healthy, outdoorsy Californians). But I loved it. Hollywood sign to the left, Downtown LA views, and on a clear day like yesterday, visibility all the way to the high rises of Santa Monica. I will definitely be back. Maybe with my own lock to contribute to the small arrangement on the fences.



Dodgers vs. Giants: 

HOME WIN – What an exciting time to be at Dodger stadium. Four home runs within an hour, and such a slaughter that people we leaving by the 6th inning (which I would never be able to do… how could you miss out on more giveaways, kiss cams, or the 7th inning stretch and song?). Admittedly, this was my 2nd ever pro baseball game, but what a way to do it. I got the world famous Dodger Dog (10 inches of pure mystery beef) with garlic fries. Three fast food meals and my body is yelling at me today. But it was worth it. Do it for the experience, right? Also got my hands on an official dodger’s hat. For all you Hillary Duff/”A Cinderella Story” fans out there, you can probably relate when I say I’ve been wanting this hat since about 2007. Rockin it and feeling like my younger, Hillary Duff fan-girl self again. We were sweating out our body weight in the very back row of the Top Deck, but it was so worth it. Not only was it Summer Solstice, but it was Father’s Day. We got to bear witness to hundreds of families celebrating their dads on the longest day of the year. It was beautiful. But I sure missed the heck out of mine.


Closing thoughts from Lex…

The Monday after an action packed weekend is 100% going to bring a mild depression period. It’s inevitable.

Be your own best friend, take every opportunity to spend time outside, and never eat greasy fast food two nights in a row.

Most importantly, thank your dad. Honor him today and everyday.

Over and out.


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