more coffee

GOOD MORNING and Happy Friday!

Note: I was almost finished with this post when my browser shut down, yet somehow I have revived it from the ashes. Mini heart attack just ensued… I suppose I needed a little spice and adventure in my day.

On the mind of this WCWA (West Coast Wannabe Aficionado):

1. Names of places you work, or study at are huge. No matter what anyone says, the dance program at SUNY Purchase or Florida State is always going to sound more appealing to a choreographer looking at a resume. Working for Pacific Northwest Ballet is always going to look more esteemed than a job at a regional ballet. It just is. But why is that?

2. How famous/talented/experienced do you have to be to officially “retire” as a dancer? I feel like after being exposed to a lot of people who have had very successful, high caliber professional careers in the past few weeks, I have heard the term a bunch. When I was in London last summer I pondered how important you had to be to get buried inside of a church. I think once you get past a certain key, breakthrough point, the word “retire” can come into play as opposed to just “moving on” or “quitting” dance.

3. Have I passed the point of no return? I don’t go to a “big name” school for dance, and I am not in any sort of shape that the dancers at the level I aspire to dance at are on… at 20, am I too late? Have I stuck myself in a place where I won’t be able to break out of? My heart keeps aching to perform and to move. The creative process is so beautiful to be a part of. Even just witnessing the wonderful discoveries that can happen in a small studio with a mirror can enlighten and inspire me. All year in school I wanted nothing more than to be normal and have free time without having to be in the studio. Now I miss the heck out of it. I can’t wait to be back in August creating and moving and communicating again with people who speak my language. Being around the dancers here at work without joining them is absolutely torture.

4. How many different coffee shops can I visit during my time in LA? Just today alone, I have heard of/been to/seen such fabulously creative places for coffee. No more Starbucks, Lex! After the wonderful flavors of “Muddy Paw Coffee” on Sunset Blvd this morning, I’m hooked on little quaint places. Now’s the time to discover. My current list of desired locations includes:

  • Dinosaur Coffee Shop on Sunset – recommended by one of my amazing supervisors, apparently owned by the creators of Cards Against Humanity, need to go.
  • Urth Cafe on Melrose – In ever trendy “WeHo” aka West Hollywood, and apparently where a ton of celebrity sightings are possible
  • Broome Street General Store & Coffee in Silver Lake – suggested by my supervisor, in the middle of an upscale home/general store is a coffee bar with amazing roast, so I hear
  • Toast Bakery Cafe – W 3rd also in WeHo. I don’t remember how I heard of this, only know I starred it on my google maps. Must go.
  • Pricilla’s in Toluca Lake – very close to where I live and has an awesome, artist vibe. May or may not have a painting night during the week which I would totally be down to get involved in.

Definitely on the lookout for more hip places to visit and take hip pictures like the one from this morning.


Weekend Challenge: READ A BOOK (put the technology down, lady), go hiking/spend time outside, go to the beach, be spontaneous, visit at least one new coffee shop. Do it all and receive the liberty to buy gelato after work on Monday. Let’s do this.  

What do you think? Do you know of any cool places to drink really good coffee in a really cool setting? Do you have to be a famous person to be buried in a european cathedral? Have you ever been a Joe Shmoe that made it big in a career without the help of “big names?” If so I’d love to hear from you. Actually, I’d love to hear from you regardless (if anyone is really out there reading this).

Bring on the sun, and bring on the weekend, am I right?


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