“life’s the simplest thing when you got no plans”

Here we are halfway through JUNE already and this program is flying by.

This week has been an incredible adventure (I feel like I say that a lot. Perhaps I am an easily pleased young woman). From making my mark at work and feeling confident in the path I have taken, to exploring new places and people and things. New discoveries downtown, seeing my first ever Downtown LA Art Walk, “Good Times with Davey Waynes” and a refrigerator door entrance (epic), and dance class with a former Britney Spears backup dancer. Finally, I got to take an LA dance class and it was like a time warp flashback to my competition dance days. Let’s just say I am fortunate as anything to have my college dance education. Dance is a great deal more than moving. It’s the art of dance, the thoughts, the feelings, and the real craft of it that makes it multifaceted and deep beyond the bounds of commercial dance.

Spotted at the Burbank Vons: A 70-something woman dressed to the dang nines complete with jewels, diamonds, belly shirt, stilettos, and a small puffy diamond-collared puppy in the baby seat of her grocery cart. Yes, these people exist. And they are in California.

Later that evening…

Spotted on Hollywood Boulevard: My crazy room mate and I sprinting up the walk of fame at midnight (stopping to take a picture with the Ellen DeGeneres star, naturally). Yes, we exist. And we are trying to be outrageous Californians…minus the white purse dog.

We’re headed to see The Grand Budapest Hotel at The Autry in Griffith Park. An outdoor movie, food trucks, friends, and live music? It’s the little things.

In London, I learned that just being in the city you’re in is enough. No need to micromanage, no need to schedule it down to the last millisecond. The world is so much more enjoyable without a concrete schedule. Simpler. Spontaneous.

I love it here.


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