where is my mind?

Nowhere near here, that’s where.

Everyday here is usually a quick blur, but especially today. June gloom is truly gloomy (for all you East Coast peeps reading, June Gloom is a thing that happens in June when the weather is especially gloomy in the morning). But I think what’s so whirlwind-y is that I am in a position where I work somewhere that excites me and keeps me on my toes. Though I am not getting paid and know little to nothing about the past or future (or present for that matter) of the business, I feel like I am here for a reason, and I can help. My skills are useful and relevant, and all that needs to happen is that little extra step like Barbara Hall talked about.

I can now see why my advertising teachers hounded the whole “know your audience before creating a marketing plan” shebang. In order to make marketing worth it and cohesive and manageable, you must know who you are trying to reach. The audience is something I am still trying to understand at work, but I am looking forward to exploring.

There’s this place called Syrup on Spring Street. If you’re in LA you should go.

Also spontaneous ice cream at “Peddler’s Creamery” happened. The name comes from the fact that in order to churn the butter the owners/various customers peddle a bike that runs the churner (see photo below). Creative. Unreal. So Cali. And the shop owner was incredibly humble and down to earth.

FullSizeRender (2)

While downtown we also discovered that every first Thursday of the month is “Art Walk” in the city. Galleries are open to the public and restaurants and other shops have deals. I guess it also means you can dress like this couple and not get asked any questions? Also saw people in traditional Elizabethan garb complete with white makeup and large wigs. Score. Or maybe that was the Art Walk theme? Dress up like your heritage maybe? In any case, July Art Walk here I come.

Did you know that there’s a “Toy District” in downtown? Or an “Old Bank District?” Me neither.

Where is my mind? I’ve been singing it to myself all day (this cover is better than the original… shoutout to my favorite Brooklyn K’s). Have a listen, and have an amazing day, where ever you may be today. I wish you all the best.


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