everything old is new again

Records. Flare jeans and flower crowns. Going antiquing instead of buying the brand new top-of-the-line furniture. Old, musty, warn-in smells of a wood paneled ranch house are so much better than new car smell…in my humble opinion. There’s even iPhone apps that make your pics look like they were taken with a polaroid camera.

What’s the big idea?

There is something so comfortable about the old and familiar. Yia-yia’s yia-yia’s greek recipe for spinach pie. Analog clocks. Black and white movies. Vintage clothes.

At what point do those old things go out of style? How long do they have to be “out” before they inevitably come back “in” again?

Even the dancers at my work revive old classics. Not only are there new, exciting, collaborative, integrated works in the repertoire, but there are also those familiar names from George Balanchine and William Forsythe. For all of you non-dancers out there, these people are huge founding fathers in the world of movement. Versatility gives the company spice and color, and a sort of maturity that comes along with perfecting the classics.

It’s the familiar, the basics that we always come back to.

Someone told me about a study that was done that unveiled an interesting truth: we look for traits in our spouse similar to those in our parents or siblings. I wonder if there’s something in our nature that always craves the familiar… it’s like we subconsciously yearn for things we’ve already seen before.

Central Market, Downtown LA: For a minute, I felt as though I was in Chelsea Market in New York. Comfort food smell mixed with taco smell mixed with a faint undertone of really freshly brewed coffee… now that I’m writing it, the aromas sound disgusting but, man, were they satisfying. Part of me really loves this place but today, the other part really wished I were on the streets of lower Manhattan. I think I’m getting homesick. Thank the good Lord I am living with people from my school… that little taste of the familiar and worn-in is all I need.


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