my people

It’s interesting to understand the types of people that you identify with as time goes on. As the world opens up before me and I am slowly escaping the comforts of the familiar, there is always hope in groups of smart, forward-thinking creative minds. The more I meet people in the arts, the more I am convinced that they are my people. There’s something about our wiring as visionaries that makes conversing with everyone else not as smooth and simple. Yesterday was a day that reaffirmed this truth. Yes, there are, in fact, people in Los Angeles that appreciate and crave live concert performance as much as I do. The East Coast is used to the Alvin Ailey’s and Paul Taylor’s and grand ballet companies. Now, the trick is showing laid back Californians the importance of this style of moving and performing.

As the day unfolded before me, I understood why everything happens for a reason. I met with the right people that were able to give me the right connections and the right direction to this path. That’s another thing I’m learning here – if you don’t know people, the chances of you getting in are slim to none. Through some act of grace, I am shimmying my way into the lovely, albeit challenging, world that is arts administration.

Yesterday was a fairytale. My kind of place, my kind of day. Where I want to be now and always. What a wonderful realization to come to.

Where are your people? Even if you don’t know yet, know that the time will come. Keep doing what you love to do, and making yourself known to people you want to be around. Life is too short to spend it on things you aren’t passionate about.


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