keep me where the light is

Do you ever wonder about where people came from and what got them to this place in time right here where you are too? Or what kinds of intricate paths these fellow folks beside you have been on to lead them here? I do.

Malibu: The most beautiful stretch of quiet, surfer beach I have ever seen (at least the parts closer to Santa Monica), and home to Creative Visions, where one of our fellow program-mates will be working for the summer. The place is a “creative activists” company that has offices on the water. When I say on the water I mean ON the waves. This place was phenomenal. Dan Eldon, the owner’s son and young, aspiring journalist, passed away on the job several years ago. Dan’s life inspired TOMS shoes owner to found his company, and was the impetus for the Creative Visions to provide service to young minds speaking about important issues. Wow. Kathy Eldon was incredibly inspiring and hopeful, to say the least. Her love for life and beautiful spirit shone through as she gave us a tour of the offices and of her personal home. We even got to try kumquat off of a tree in her backyard. In Malibu. On the ocean. Definitely not on the East Coast anymore. I am so fortunate to have met her and the company today. Also in Malibu – we stumbled upon a 6.3 million dollar home (on the water of course) on its open house day, which of course called for adventure and snooping and gawking and a plethora of photos (see below).


Santa Monica: The first and not the last visit. All that was really seen of the place was a snippet of Main Street and a chilled out, friendly spot called The Library Alehouse. Most of the program met up and experienced my three favorite things to share: snacks, drinks, and time together.

Venice Beach: Creative street artists meet people on all kinds of personal wheeled vehicles meet tourists meet the Ocean City, MD boardwalk (sorta). Nothing like I expected, but full of little surprises including but not limited to:

  • A street artist that had spray painted vinyl records for sale. Must go back and have a second look.
  • TV shoot by the water in a sleek looking skate park equipped with a massive – in size and probably cost – jib.
  • Giant Transformers cars in standing, human-like form. Impressive.
  • Too many amazing murals to count.
  • More boardwalk-style screen printed shirts than you can imagine (“See a cop? Be sure to Warn-A-Brother”).


quotableZ “I struggle between being logical, and you know… like, YOLO.”

Touche, Abby, touche.

Today can also be classified by great music, car rides with windows down on the 101, seeing many a native surfer taking rides on the Malibu waves, and stunning views of this gorgeous city. Houses embedded in mountains, sweet and salty air, misty smog creating the most colorful sunsets… are we really here? There is no possible way that we can be here for the rest of the summer, is there?


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